By sillystring - / Tuesday 13 October 2009 10:09 / China
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  MattM95  |  16

It's true. Anything can upset them. OP shouldn't feel guilty. It wasn't on purpose and the kids are okay. Maybe a little scraped or cut but I'm sure they're okay.

By  Amkii  |  0

3 year-olds! Really?! They ride bikes?! My god, my cousin once-removed is very behind on her development... she's just mastering walking without falling! Well, she's only 2, but still! I doubt that in a year she would be riding a bike.


Today, after working incredibly hard to get into college without having to take out loans, classes started. I was told we'll need a $200 piece of software, and we'll fail without it. There's no way I can afford it. FML

By NotCollegeBound - / Thursday 20 August 2015 07:21 / United States - Butler

Today, I baked my friend a cake for his 21st birthday. When I arrived at his house, his girlfriend, who hadn't made him anything, screamed at me for "making her look bad." She then took the cake, banned me from the party, and kicked me out. FML

By NZgirl92 - / Monday 15 April 2013 02:29 / New Zealand - Wellington
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