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Today, as I was putting on sports shoes to get to a job interview in a hurry, a man ran past me and grabbed my formal shoes while shouting, "Ninja!" Try explaining to the guy at the interview why I was wearing sneakers with a skirt suit. FML

By Baskets-Tailleur - / Monday 7 July 2014 06:58 / France
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  Jghaugland  |  6

Dem ninja muhfukkas fast

  Wyaru  |  9

I've realized that he didn't actually steal her sneakers, rendering my supposedly "witty" comment stupid sounding and invalid.

  Starponer  |  7

who runs to an interview? you must suck at keeping time

  Wyaru  |  9

#37 Yeah, the first comment was a joke about ninjas and sneakers, but I realized it didn't work because he didn't steal the sneakers, but the dress shoes.

By  Adam5858  |  17

I say he would just laugh about it.Well hopefully in your case

By  FrozenMusic  |  26

Maybe you could start a new trend hah

  MrConcise  |  34

The determining factor is how well OP sells it. If the interviewer thinks it's a tall tale, OP won't be hired for a retail job. Girl can't even sell a true story!

By  s0m3guy2010  |  21

Impress your interviewer with your physical prowess. Your sports shoes make you better.. faster... stronger than your formal shoes. Now only if you had 6 million dollars.


Yeah, that's why she's at the interview – to get the job- ohhhhh, I see what you did, there!

By  dawood_k  |  27

Why the hell are you going to a job interview with your whole wardrobe ...
Do you always carry different clothing items when on the move. Next time maybe take a spare set of shoes.
As for this damn ninja, what's up with you going around stealing shoes and still announcing its a ninja that's stealing it

  cjmedic  |  12

If she had to walk to her interview, it's perfectly reasonable that she brought a more comfortable pair to walk in, instead of trekking in heels. Also, isn't that a bit contradictory to say she should've brought MORE shoes after questioning why she brought an extra pair?

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