By Baustigt / Wednesday 6 August 2014 13:34 / Australia
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By  JoshuahColins  |  19

I'm pretty sure the windshield wipers would have been a better idea! Better buy a new car OP XD


Buy it did say that it clicked across his windshield

  Baustigt  |  40

Yeah, it's hard to be rational when faced with something that may or may not have crawled out of Satan's ass. On the way home I kept imagining looking in the rearview mirror and seeing it watching me from the backseat like that urban legend about the axe murderer.

  JJ_86  |  22

Well, they are kind of perfect species. The one which survived through eras where other species got wiped out.
They can live on very little food and bloody fucking survive with the head cut of for over a month. You are screwed OP. Just pray it doesn't reproduce in your car (Evil laugh).

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