By murphslaw - / Sunday 29 March 2009 05:15 / United States
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By  TryToBeKind  |  0

That does suck a lot! But honestly? Cops have no reason to apologize for doing their jobs.

  Felling  |  14

Doing their jobs ? Arresting innocent people ? Yeah, while the cops are out there wasting their time with shit like this and just fucking around, people are being killed, robbed and more. -.-

  Peachy2392  |  26

How the fuck are they not doing their jobs?? They have to uphold the law which required an arrest. It's not like they mistreated him in anyway. Everyone hates cops till they need one.

By  vxjazz  |  0

Hey, they're just doing their jobs. There's no one to blame.

  countrydevil  |  6

false arrest is basis for a lawsuit that you will most likely win. I'd say get a lawyer and make the city pony up for what the store would have made in those six hours PLUS what you personally make in those six hours PLUS your lawyers fee

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