By screwed / Friday 8 August 2014 12:26 / Australia - Perth
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By  burntoash  |  10

That's the point of acupuncture, you aren't supposed to move while the needles are in.

  wellthen7154  |  12

Yea, chances are it might not have been the fact he wasn't allowed to move that caused the panic attack. Panic attacks can happen for various reasons, and having one at that time would really suck (hence why it's an FML, I guess.). I know my panic attacks make me shiver, so I would be fucked in that situation. So, OP knew he wasn't supposed to move, that's the point.

By  pseud0nym  |  13

There's a porcupine joke to be made but I won't do it.

  tony1891  |  22

there is a God after all. thank you

By  revelation11B  |  10

Needle tell you again?! DON'T MOVE!

  revelation11B  |  10

Actually, it does make sense. It's a play on words like everyone else does on here. Needle/Need I..

  ScarlieC  |  25

#10, ever tried self massage by lying (lying? laying? FML community, help me here) down, putting a tennisball under your back and rolling back and forth or moving your arms? If you want a deeper massage you can use a golfball. It's hurts like crazy (first time I did it I nearly cried), but it gives relief. And when everything is loose again, you feel so good.

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