By rent-a-cop - / Sunday 5 May 2013 04:28 / Canada - Toronto
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By  LordoftheOcelots  |  10

At least she's not deaf, right? She can hear the lakeside and all it's majestic nature sounds?

  Calaraphea  |  16

I'm pretty sure you can't hear much from inside an apartment. Unless there's a huge tree outside?

  metalwolf  |  17

You can hear plenty inside an apartment. I live next to the major road in the town. I keep my media center streaming music all the time since i would much rather hear music than trucks driving by.

By  DeidaraAkatsuki  |  17

So many sexual innuendos here.

By  PhDInLife  |  8

Bet you were blinded by embarrassment...

By  Jharrist89  |  12

When life gets you down, grab a snickers! You didn't know..

  joshua1615  |  8

At least he wasn't trying to show girlfriends mother a picture his suit for prom on his phone and she scrolled to the right to find a picture of her daughter, naked.

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