By trixanne - / Tuesday 6 January 2015 20:57 / Australia - Sydney
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By  flowerfliff  |  18

That sucks, sry op

By  Emzinatorbot  |  26

If you don't live by yourself, I really don't think it's a problem


Thing about the middle of nowhere is, there's not really anyone around to break into your house. Can't imagine a robber would be like, "Let's turn down this dirt road next to a cornfield and check out the prospects."

  Mauskau  |  35

My door doesn't have a handle, it has two locks and the top lock acts as a handle from the inside. Once you close the door, you need to use the top lock to open it. Basically put the key in, turn it and push the door.

  foxwasalamb  |  24

what? if its your house you're not "breaking in". here, how about you do it and call the police and explain how you broke into your own house. id love to hear what their reaction would be


#23 why are all your comments so damn condescending? Every time you post something it's either a rude reply to a joke, or a fucking paragraph telling somebody off because they made a joke. What happened to FML? This is supposed to be about making light of a situation with lame puns and witty joking. Stop being so serious!!

  Mauskau  |  35

Not even sure why you'd break into your own house and then call the police unless you were in danger, such as someone locking you out of the house that shouldn't even be in your house.

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