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Well its midnight, damn right We’re wound up too tight I gotta fist full of whiskey, the bottle just bit me Ooooo That shit makes me bat shit crazy We got not fear no doubt all in balls out Were going out tonight (hey) To kick out every light (hey) Take anything we want (hey) Take everything in sight (hey) Were goin’ til the world stops turning While we burn it to the ground at night Were screamin’ like demons Swingin’ from the ceiling I gotta fistful of fifties Tequila just h

Wow. I would tell them to fuck themselves. Don't hang out with them anymore, they're apparently really shitty friends.


I realise that the friends are super shitty. But i wouldn't tell op to not give them a ride because op's friends might drive themselves home and endanger themselves or others.


That Idea is the win. What I thought of was to drive over to where they were, and then let them open the doors and just drive away laughing, lol

I'm drunk right now. OP, care to join? Sorry if the invitation is late :S (boy this message was tough to type)

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