By sicksicksick - / Friday 1 June 2012 08:41 / Senegal
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  asoptavlo14  |  6

Depends on what he's eating..

  SkoomaKi  |  24

I'm sure OP's body will become used to the food. It's only a matter of time. In the meantime she has to puke and shit violently everywhere (not necessarily in that order).

  snuffle  |  3

Yeah, you just got to hope that what doesn't kills you makes you stronger :/

  z563  |  8

She should try familiar food first such as bacon and eggs etc before slowly adjusting to the African diet

  victoriad0011  |  3

Correct. There bacon isn't our bacon. But she can get eggs good bread and tea for breakfast.

And various stores sell American merchandise all I really ate was ramen noodles for awhile.


25- Isn't that some song lyric?


61- It also happens to be a Kelly Clarkson song, whose exact lyrics are:

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger..."

Considering that song came out recently, I have a feeling that is most likely what they were quoting, if not Friedrich Nietzsche.

  staymintyfresh  |  13

62- Yeah, I assume people meant the song lyrics, but I thought people would like to know its original origin incase they didn't already. :)

63- yeah I forgot about Kelly Carlson, but it is also a kanye west song.


There is NO such thing as an African diet. I'm South African and even within the country we have different dietetary preferences. We are one huge cultural group you know. We don't even recognise each other's languages.

  ucoolgirl31  |  20

OP just be lucky you have available food... Doyou know how many Africans (especially eastern Africans) don't have food let alone water... Yeah fyl because you're sick but at least you have food and water. More like ftl...

  mikuxxhatsune  |  31

#132 But Japanese cuisine is delicious! I stayed there for a week and the food is great, it is very healthy and it is delicious. I feel sad you didn't like it :( because you missed out.

  d_unsub  |  12

She also should be careful about the shits she talks.
I hate when people say and "now I'm in Africa" or "I'm going to Africa" as if Africa is a fucking country.

OP If you are in Somalia, Uganda, Kenya or wherever the fuck you are, then say it, cos i bet if you were shopping in Paris you would say "I'm shopping in Paris" and not "I'm shopping in Europe" so why generalize when it comes to Africa? Just to make it look like Africa is this fucking huge jungle where you cant even find something decent to eat.?

Yes there are still many poor and undeveloped places in Africa but yeah there are also so many beautiful and developed cities; sorry if I'm being rush but I really hate when people talk about Africa as if there is hunger, aids, lions, and a "Kony" in every corner. WTF???

  mvems  |  13

It's not exactly trivial I see his point. Considering sub-Saharan africa has the largest population of AIDs in the world, and when people speak of Africa it's generally of their struggles( i.e starvation, water santitaion, rape in the congo, etc) it always seems the focal points. I have two friends from South Africa and they enjoy a beautiful beach house, good food, and good friends. Africa is a beautiful place where majestic wild life and people thrive. He may have come on strong, and the FML in question isn't insulting whatsoever, but he has a point about people's views in general. And seeing as he's from Cape Town its not terriby shocking it irked him.


My point exactly it's good to know that there's hope yet for future generations:-). Thanks. It works on our nerves when people decide to display their ignorance with such little shame.

  vickycat  |  5

Its about the same as people saying they're in America when actually there's no such place. There's United States of America or there's The Americas; its pretty cheeky to say "America" as though that's a place because it discounts everyone else in The Americas, like no one even counts except USA.

By  KJ21_fml  |  6

Dude that's sucks

By  PennyRAWR  |  5

sounds just like Adelaide!

but seriously,, you should leave, hey.

  CareFace  |  16

Adelaide has some of the nicest clearest water... And the food is really fresh... I went to Adelaide for 3 weeks for gluttony. I ate, drank, slept. Was amazing.

  PennyRAWR  |  5

careface, in sorry to say but Adelaide has the worst water in this part of Australia. it literally makes me and everyone I know vomit, and feel more dirty after a shower than before. I'm pretty sure Melbourne water is the best in Aus though.

  PennyRAWR  |  5

oh and ebbonyy, I have family up near Marion and Salisbury. they say the same thing, I think its just what the body is used to, a glass of boiled and filtered water made my mum sick for a week. I love Adelaide, I just couldn't stay longer than a week.

  EllyBear__  |  11

I moved to Adelaide 2 years ago and haven't really had water problems. I've drank it from the tap, but usually I drink filtered, like I did in Sydney & Melbourne.

  StanSmith_fml  |  9

I've Never Understood Why People Type Like This.

By  EyeCeYu  |  7

Have you talked to any of the locals? I'm sure your not the only person who has had that issue. Maybe the local doctor knows a medicine you could take to stop your illness. Good luck with you job any ways!

  soccergurrll  |  8

When someone says something that you feel bad about, you usually say 'I'm sorry' that doesn't imply you did anything and you're apologizing for it, it's just showing compassion for that person.

  saksxalmo  |  20

#111-- That's the point of the joke... In many cases in everyday life (bumping into someone, dropping something, etc.) they are used interchangeably. At a sad event, like a funeral, or an event where you otherwise definitely don't want to take the blame, as here, it would be totally inappropriate to say "I apologize" because it would imply that you murdered the person...

I would apologize and say I'm sorry for explaining the joke, but you started it.

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