By Anonymous - / Saturday 18 September 2010 05:39 / United States
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  FFML_314  |  11

What in Gods name, makes you think they live in a trailer?
Way to stereotype.
I'm not sure if you're even aware of what that means, but I'm assuming you don't like it very much when people automatically assume you're an idiot for being blonde or a slut for bending over and showing off your cleavage.


maybe her parents need help with bills and don't have they money.

I help my parents I pay the cell phone bill and every month or 2 I pay cable, landline, Internet, and cell phone bill for them since the times are tough.

  cbroxs17  |  0

your parents raised you for 18 years, which includes food, clothes, etc. Letting the borrow money when they need it is like returning the favor.

  letmeinplease  |  0

^^ So how respectful was it for the parents to give her a fake cheque?

Lending your parents money if they need it is a great thing to do, but I'm having none of this 'you owe them' crap- they CHOSE to have kids, or were too careless to avoid it.

  MissErikaHart  |  0

41, ur parents aren't doing u a favor by feeding and clothing u. that's their job. if they don't do it there are consequences. but I do agree that op should leave his parents b about the money. or at least chill til they have a chance to pay back the money since they only were borrowing money for 2 weeks.


Today, I checked my bank balance, to make sure that the last installment of my funding had been paid in, and realised that I'd been overpaid by £500. So, being honest, I told my boss about this. Turns out, I wasn't overpaid by £500, I was overpaid by £1000 and need to give it all back. FML

By anon - / Monday 31 August 2009 09:00 / United Kingdom

Today, while shopping for Black Friday, I got in line, hoping to get an Xbox One. I spent so long mistakenly standing in line for the bathroom that the store had sold out by the time I realized my mistake. FML

By nitemastr15 - / Saturday 28 November 2015 00:18 / United States - Fort Worth
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