By hahanosirr - / Saturday 21 May 2011 20:02 / United States
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  jvillan87  |  5

Real mature 80...

  Cookie4U  |  0

Dude nice zombie... But your eyes look human, they need to be black and void of a soul. Anyway this FML is messed up, I reckon she should have jumped on his gear stick as he drove.... not a literal gear stick I meant his Johnson

  jvillan87  |  5

This will most likely post twice so bear with me here...I didn't know what IKR means because my life doesn't revolve around Internet slang. So you can take your OMG's, LOL's, FTW's, BFF's, and IKR's and shove them up your ass.

  jvillan87  |  5

116- Thanks for the compliment. I couldn't find a decent pair of black out contacts, so I went with red. I guess it's more of an "infected" look rather than soulless zombie.

  livin_plur  |  0

120 I didn't know until right now, you think I would concidering I'm only 17 but like zombie man said, not everyone automatically knows the meaning of all these ridiculous word shortenings

By  jvillan87  |  5

Back of a pickup while someone else drives next time then?

  sxe_beast  |  11

Not if you own a fancy environmentally friendly front load washing machine. Our washing machines have a "Perfect Balance" mechanism that prevents them from vibrating. They're super quiet and barely move. Sitting on top of them would provide no more pleasure than sitting on the ground :/

By  traze  |  7

You need a new man or go on more rides down this road. If ask why tell him...fuck you that's why.

By  YacL  |  15

Now ride him like you ride his car instead of how you ride a bull. Maybe that'll help.

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