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Firstly YTDI, OP ... never screw with your parents, employer, boy friend, husband, Sirin or anybody just because you THINK, you are done with them ... because you never are. World is very small place honey and life is real cruel.

no problem... if you feel that strongly about your parents move out anyway, it's time to get on with your life.

why's everyone saying OP deserves it?? none of you have ever had terrible parents? not all parents are loving as yours. let the OP vent man.


OP could also be a little bitch and just be pissed off bc mommy & daddy won't give everything demanded. op, ydi.

OP, burning your bridges like that was a bad move. And, if you hadn't done that and you lived near Tampa, I have an extra room and could use a roommate. Shame you don't seem mature enough to be a good roommate.


how do we know ur not a serial killer who kills pregnant women and rapes them while they are dead and cutt off their hands and jack himself off with them huh...jk but u don't expect her to move in without knowing u...

Looks like both of you will be living alone. What are the odds? Why would you ever tell your parents what you really thought of them (unless it was good and you are just a brown-noser)? Don't you know they are going to write a will? Idiot.


Parents writing a will is never guaranteed. No one in my family has a will. When people die everyone just gathers together and divides up all their stuff. Children and spouses of the deceased get first dibs and then everyone else takes the rest. That or it gets donated to charity or trashed.

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