By Omydayz - / Tuesday 29 March 2016 23:03 / United States - Fremont
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By  sNOOBie_fml  |  24

Did you explain over text as well or in person?
Maybe you should contact her face to face, with friend in tow so friend can confirm the story and apologize like a big boy, and ask her to prom again.

By  iamamistake  |  15

Ur life sucks but YDI. Never tell your friends anything about prom.

  iamamistake  |  15

I was just giving my personal opinion #2

  interesting33  |  35

Hey you both were :) I agree with #2 but this site is full of personal opinions :) We can agree to disagree. I don't think #2 was attaking you, just arguing against the beliefs. On another unrelated note did you know snails have five arseholes? On another unrelated note, giving someone a bizarre fact can sometimes help diffuse conflict - or can it?

  interesting33  |  35

haha well when I read it THAT way - yeah I agree! :D Seriously things do sound different online. My Mum always writes her emails to me really curtly like she is super angry at me or something, but in real life she is lovely.

By  sNOOBie_fml  |  24

Did you explain over text as well or in person?
Maybe you should contact her face to face, with friend in tow so friend can confirm the story and apologize like a big boy, and ask her to prom again.

  azemazer_fml  |  15

That's exactly what OP has to do and this will work, until their crush is a paranoid scrub and thinks that they involved their friend in a love story, which, hopefully, will not happen...


#17 Yes, but in this case the OP didn't have "no balls," as you say. He probably wanted to ask the girl in person, but his friend just went and did it for him through text, without permission.

Also, at least you gave those girls the option of asking you out in person after they did it through text. This girl just didn't even give OP a chance, asking through text isn't like this big, terrible, offence, and that is suspicious and, as #4 said, sounds like she's just making excuses not to go with him.

By  heroqucas  |  25

I took a girl from a different school, totally avoiding this possible issue, but I asked her over text and she was happy to go, so it's probably an excuse

  silvermoon5033  |  21

Just because one girl was okay with it doesn't mean every girl would be okay with being asked to prom over text. I wouldn't be. I would feel like the person took the easy way out instead of making an effort. But that's just me.

  heroqucas  |  25

Exactly, and prom really isn't the biggest deal. Yes I went with someone, but I could of lived the rest of my life without it. I feel like girls especially make too much of it.

  AndesFults  |  13

You sound like a bitch. If you really want to go with someone it's not a big deal if they ask over text or in person, I mean stfu spoiled brat, I never even got to go so pull that stick out of your ass!

By  Xandrick  |  22

Make him explain to her that it was him, since he was the one who ruined your chance there. And do that in person. Drag him to her by the hair if necessary.

By  Whatapuffchild  |  23

Grow some balls. Asking a girl out for prom is a smallest hurtle you have to leap. And honestly, talk to her face to face and tell her that it wasnt you, not over text (cause I assume thats what you did)

By  KickAss73  |  12

Dude l, if she's being extra, allow her. There are no rules for asking people out on prom and how are you to know she wanted to be asked face to face. Just turn up on prom with someone else

By  CrazyManNo9  |  29

Talk to the girls. They'll help you get dates if you just have the balls to talk to them. Ask them to show you how to dance. They will love that. Talk to them about almost anything. Some will dis you. Those some are the losers. Most will be friends and will love the hell out of you. Just talk to them.

By  Algorithm  |  24

To be fair, "my friend did it" is the oldest excuse in the book, but I'm not sure I'd want to go to prom anyways with someone who accuses me of lying over something as little as this.

  TheaBaby918  |  5

That is an old excuse, but even if he sent the text and is lying about the friend doing it, that tells her that he wants a do over and really wants to take her so either way, it shouldn't be a big deal.

By  fabulousfiasco  |  12

Sorry, but if she wanted to go with you at all, she would be happy about the invitation. And she would be even more happy that you took time to explain the situation. Bottom line is that she doesn't want to go with you. Sorry.

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