By racking-leaves / Wednesday 14 November 2012 19:55 / United States
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  Dixbfloppin  |  11

Dinkleberg doesn't intentionally do the things he does to piss off Timmy's dad. He's unaware he's hated by him.
I hope I didn't ruin the joke, ignore my comment, etc.

By  byRose  |  7

He's an asshole, but that's still funny haha.


Today, I was at Walmart with my stepmom. We were about to check out when a little sweet-looking old woman came up and asked if she could get in front of us. Seeing as she only had two items in her hands we said yes. Her husband then came up with two carts full of stuff, condoms on top. FML

By sommmerrrr / Sunday 15 September 2013 04:12 / United States - Virginia Beach
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