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thats nuthin..live in nebraska in the dead of winter and then you can complain..or hell come here now! we've got 6" of snow! lol


6 inches of snow is alot?!? I live in the 'great white north' aka Canada. we have 3 feet of snow in one day. suck it up. and, op, suck it up. one degree is warm.

Man, you totally can't complain. It's May, and we just had snow. 1 degree in mid-december would be a complete blessing!

you people know nothing of what winter is! I live in northern Alberta, and November-March it is -40 some winters. And no just because I live in Northern Canada does not mean I live in a danm igloo. I have never seen one before . But really stop complianing get a space heater or something safer and stop whining! LOL

You don't know what winter is right? Where I live,wich is in New Brunswick,Canada we have winters with -40, -1 is REALLY fun to have during winter around here..

yeah well....I live in Colorado and it snows and it's cold at times so...HA! think you know winters


all u shut up. u guys thinks it's so cool to have -40 degree weather and that-1 is nothing. well u guys won't be so smug wen ops having 80 degrees summer like me and ur summers r 20 degrees. get a life


wow 11.. in ND we have 70-100 degree summers and 30 to -60 degree winters. most of the time it's below zero in winter and at least 80 in summer. so stfu.

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