By Potted / Monday 16 November 2015 02:34 / United States - Denton
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By  smackaroonial  |  20

How else is he going to pay for those diapers? Selling weed is the only lucrative option.

  lantz4levi  |  19

Exactly. It's Texas. One of the most hardcore right states there is. Hardcore right is against drugs even marijuana (for the most part). So your point makes no sense whatsoever

By  NonScaryPumkin  |  22

I don't know this is up to you but maybe Child Protection services would be a good thing to call. The child's life is in potential danger so you should consider it.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

One day someone comes by who isn't so friendly. Or a rival drug dealer. The child could be put in harms way. Doesn't matter if it's drugs or guns. It would t be the first time a known drug dealers place was shot up/robbed/damaged by someone.

By  Cian_1  |  28

At least you'll probably get free weed. :P

By  lexred  |  29

You can't help it...your friend is already...umm...what to say....corrupted. U can't make him come back on the right track again.

By  Scotth901  |  22

That is extremely dangerous for the child. Tell him to stop and outline the risks, the tell the police if he doesn't stop. Safety of the child is most important.

By  Tripartita  |  44

Ask yourself, "What would Jes—what would people on TV do?" The answer probably involves hiring actors to pose as violent customers and scare your roommates out of selling anymore. If it turns out your roommates have weapons or are able to defend themselves… uh, don't worry; it should resolve itself in half an hour anyway.

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