By no new apartment for me - / Thursday 18 July 2013 19:53 / United States - Hagerstown
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  alexwow1  |  13

The boss is on her peripd

  Toasty283  |  8

C'mon man, menstrual cycle jokes aren't funny PERIOD

  Sfaizi24  |  17

Not that easy to find a new job all of a sudden. And if op has been working there as long as they had, they probably like their job and/or are receiving good pay

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Well I would think this would be illegal. I'm sure he could get her in trouble over it. But he may end up losing his job, or being stuck working under the person he just got in trouble, who'd probably make his life a living hell.

  buckerado  |  19

This is a moment in which OP should send out as many job applications as possible. If and when he receives an offer, slam that down on the boss's desk and say,"I want a raise or else I'm leaving." It's a win-win because he'll either get a raise or a new job...That is only if someone gives OP an offer.

By  dinosxxrawr  |  22

shouldn't have gotten down on your knees. looking up at him without blinking.

  dinosxxrawr  |  22

I completely missed that part.
would have been the perfect opportunity.

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