By Anonymous - / Sunday 27 January 2013 22:44 / Canada - Rosetown
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  oj101  |  33

Like a sir.

  ZombieSnoopy  |  9

be thankful it was a sigh and "I've had better"

  teareb  |  9

First of all 49 I believe you meant wasn't. Secondly at least he is honest with you and straightforward. Would you rather have a lying man whore or him op?

  SokDek  |  14

Well I used to have a pet hamster named virginity. She was an escape artist. Darn thing got lost so many times. Needless to say, yes you can lose your virginity more than once.

  ohcheriecherie  |  20

Man, OP is lucky. When I lost my virginity, it was more like "wow if I was on acid right now, your bra would be so mesmerizing... Wanna smoke more.... K now get out of my house" Not a romantic experience altogether

By  CheeseTron  |  15

Maybe I need to read this a few more times before I get it...

  kiissesssss  |  6

Haha good one!

  MNBOY16  |  15


  7yzz  |  18

u mad?

  buddy51  |  23

Spin his penis like an airplane propeller, smile at it, and then say "good job"!

  missyj0  |  12


  Jessj958  |  19

#102, I totally agree with your statement. But, I wasn't saying either one of those comments are respectable, I was stating that a hand shake or slap on the ass aren't anything you want to experience after sex.

By  allyrn13  |  12

Then pat his penis in return and say, "Sorry, but we weren't impressed with your job performance and have decided not to keep you on long term."

By  YUNOFML  |  16

Whole new meaning to YDI!

By  Big_Money_27  |  7

At least he acknowledges you and doesn't just go to sleep

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