By A - / Thursday 9 February 2012 06:37 / United States
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  EatnBeef  |  7

Sounds like a shitty situation... No thats not a good pun. I guess he shit in your igloo. Yeah that's a better pun. Ok guys it's ok.
Just thumbs this down I failed hardcore.

By  abbybailey204  |  19

Dogs do that. Better in your igloo than on your bed

  duke56924903  |  11

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: I'm the dumb here.

  MaceFaceLOL  |  8

Well I feel like It's not that easy. It would be more like this. "OP doesn't feel like getting a shovel so he just pushes the snow around the shit, it then slides across the ground leaving a brown and smelly smear. He decides to go get a shovel and scrapes it even though it is gone its linger is still there. "

By  MaceFaceLOL  |  8

That was not ice at all:D no? Okay.

By  ChaosAngel17  |  14

*Waits for the shitty situation joke*

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