By ParanoidFreak - / Thursday 31 December 2010 09:31 / United States
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Who said that the OP was paranoid about getting raped? Being paranoid doesn't mean that your conceited...its just that your afraid of things, like creepy men coming up to your car.


ydi for being a judgemental bitch. Not every guy is trying to rape you, i bet nobody even wants to touch you you stupid whore

Well better be paranoid than careless. But next time, try to be more calm and judge better? it's walmart, there are people there.

It's one thing to not roll your window down. It's something completely different to hit another car trying to get out. YDI.

u agree with # 10 haha and come on your in the car so you could of just drove away if he was trying to rape exspecially since he's old and creepy

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