By evilsandwich - / Wednesday 6 March 2013 17:18 / Canada - London
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  fml121785  |  14

Well, I suppose someone could get a homeless guy to house sit for them that way no one's house would be left empty and at risk of burning down, hell a homeless person would probably house sit for free! :) Win-win situation!

  sarah6786  |  14

Not really something you should make jokes about. Not every FML/FML comment is meant to be funny.

  JenkJenks  |  6

The way this thing works is people post about something that happened that makes them think "FML", and then people make funny comments on said post. Jump right in and get started #30!


Today, one of my online friends told me he's bought a plane ticket, so he can come visit me. I've told him multiple times before that I'm uncomfortable with this idea, but he keeps telling me to stop joking, and reminding me that he'll have no other place to stay. FML

By LolAtMyPosts - / Sunday 15 September 2013 18:04 / Canada - Halifax
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