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Hey, OP here! So yeah, after the fact, I also figured that she felt inadequate, in an "it's unfair that I don't get to please you" kinda way, but it's confusing because it's not like I didn't orgasm at all or anything. The way she reacted, though, was a bit over the top. We haven't been dating for that long, though so I'm confident these are just little bumps that we'll figure out on the march :) Haha, and thank you very much to all the lovely ladies who flatter me with their comments. Sadly, I'm gonna have to (very) regretfully decline for now, since I really, really like my gf--even if she does go crazy from time to time! :D
By AllegroRubato - / Tuesday 4 December 2012 20:09 / Chile - Santiago
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  shaagy2760  |  13

I third that what?!!!!!!!!!

  feefifofumxx  |  13

Well, I don't know about her, but I like to be really fair. If I do, I'll make sure you do too. Maybe she's frustrated because she can't pleasure OP as well as he can pleasure her.

  moonboobs  |  4

Well, now that that bitch left you... Maybe you can gind a chick that likes to be pleased. Just sayin'

  Vimy  |  6

I was just about to say that, 66. Some people find pleasure in giving their partner pleasure. So maybe she's had it several times but not you? Maybe she thinks that she's not being reciprocal enough? Maybe she thinks she's inadequate in giving you pleasure? I have no idea, but maybe you should ask her to clarify.

  Warden1986  |  16

Well this is kinda familiar to me. I please my wife serve times in one session. However my wife gets horny(er) every time she orgasms. I'm once and done, so my wife likes me to orgasm at the same time she does. It's more pleasurable that way she says (I happen to agree). Maybe that's what OP girl wants... So try that OP and good luck.

  HiIAmKevin  |  8

Tell her to just that mouth before she starts...and after...and in between...you know whatever helps.


Don't take it personally OP, I was with my ex for 10 months and she only got me to finish twice. She'll still sleep over but won't actually have sex with me even after I told her I still have fun with it even if I don't orgasm. Some girls just get really insecure about it, good luck though.


She probably thinks it's unfair because she cannot do the same for him. and she feels less performant that way. Anyway, she is an idiot. I don't complain when my boyfriend makes me come several times, I'm pretty happy about it :)

  israelnotjacob  |  20

What the hell? A lot of women have trouble even finishing at all, let alone multiple times. Plus if she was really downright exhausted from the orgasms she could have said something.

  jonwassing  |  3

My wife says the same thing. She'll feel really bad if we have to stop because she can't go any longer and I haven't gone yet. Truth be told probably happens more than you'd think.

  howdeedoo  |  22

Maybe not. OP's girlfriend could have a condition that causes strokes whenever she orgasms


Slap her wit ur dick, COCK SLAP!!!

  9726  |  5

Btw your little chart is horribly wrong and just made by some pot head wanting to smoke more dope. Pot causes cancer. It is more toxic then cigarettes because it is unfiltered. Also dumbass pot heads like you get behind the wheel and cause major accidents. Someone should cock slap you...

By  gracehi  |  31


  smallshaft  |  10

Yes sometimes they use up all of their orgasms and you can't do a thing about it. It's also hard to tell when they are running out. Hopefully science can come up with a solution before it affects too many more women.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

female orgasms are a myth! just like the concept of understanding claculus!

By  lilhellian  |  26

Be happy you made her cum a lot. If you were not that good she wouldn't cum. So cum on have some pride in your work.

  lilhellian  |  26

Part of it was to cheer op. And part was to be a pun. Don't read into it so much. -.-

  happle  |  21

I hate the way people spell come with a u.

  iLuvsIt  |  10

She was maybe feeling vulnerable and out of control while cumming - no one likes losing control and orgasm is an absolute loss of control. But damn - I wouldn't complain.

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