By Anonymous / Thursday 30 August 2012 08:52 / United States - Madison
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  immaMonsta  |  8

So anything other than clapping is abnormal? Excuse me if I find that a bit ridiculous.

  Futacy  |  29

80- poor you, your reading skills aren't advanced enough to comprehend what OP wrote. She was probably really good and got a little in over her head.

  bones_17  |  5

Yup, It's all about confidence! You know your awesome, just show it! Act like you don't care! Haha
All I can think of when reading this is that stick man, troll, boss face lol

By  j_cat187  |  19

Herp derp why would you expect someone to shake your hand?

By  saintsrocksocks  |  10

He probably thought your cover of Lady Gaga was terrible and wanted no physical contact going on between you too.

By  ArmedcrackerR6  |  8

You're both losers.

  DocBastard  |  38

Armedcracker - Are you suggesting that people who sing karaoke are losers? Last I checked, karaoke is a fun way to either A) show off your singing skills and have fun or B) laugh at others who suck but still have fun singing.

There's only one loser I see here.

  ddeathbombb  |  5

DocBastards rudest comment

  DocBastard  |  38

A) This isn't even close to my rudest comment.
B) I tend not to say stupid shit like that.
C) I don't really care about thumbs (up or down). I try to say things that are amusing, and I occasionally succeed.

  JOcoco  |  14

I usually upvote because I find the comment amusing. Except once when I was skimming & automatically thumbed up DocB. Once I noticed all I could think was, Nooo! I've become part of the horde!! D: Now I always make sure to read it first.

By  chickenflem  |  8

Maybe he wanted to tell everyone else how amazing you were. (:

By  pinkpixie06  |  11

That sounds pretty arrogant of you, OP!

  Isoldael  |  25

No, shaking hands is not arrogant. It's quite normal to pass the microphone to the next singer, though. If someone holds out their hand, it's one thing to shake it in confusion, but assuming they did it because they wanted to congratulate you on your performance and saying "glad you liked it" before the other person even said anything seems quite presumptuous and / or arrogant to me.

By  Hiimhaileypotter  |  49

I've done this... 3 years ago, in my freshman journalism class, one of my friends held her hand out and I shook it, thinking that's what she wanted when she just wanted to take my paper up to turn it in for me. Needless to say, she still teases me about it. :P just laugh it off, OP. it happens :)

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