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No you didn't. You promptly left when you realized that you were only there to be taken advantage of because that was the logical thing to do.


agree with #1 you shouldve asked for a seperate ticket, paid for YOUR food, and thanked them for reminding you that you had set. ...instead you were reminded about the absence of said set. hope you pulled your skirt back down when you stood up


Yes, that may feel like love for him, but this is merely infatuation. And I blame the media for pronouncing such infatuation as love, and also for stating that giving absolutely everything for a girl will somehow make her love him back. I also had a hard time being a doormat for numerous girls. OP, please go read a book about healthy relationships, live by it and your life will turn around, guaranteed. You deserved this one for being a doormat, but your life sucks for thinking this way about gir

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