By Anonymous - / Wednesday 17 December 2014 13:43 / Germany
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This is the first FML I've ever seen without any YDIs yet, so....You got that going for you, which is nice.


@19, there are a few kinds of YDI voters: People that hit YDI by accident as they scroll, people that genuinely feel like the OP deserves it, and then those insufferable assholes that feel the need to hit YDI on every single FML just because they're insufferable assholes. 99% of all YDI voters are that last kind.


nah, I'd say that if you're one of the people just trying to get the the badge faster, you're just another insufferable asshole, so I'd include them in the final category.


That, my friend, is the real question. If I didn't get paid for something of that caliber.. haha OH BOY. (:

It sucks when you lose the sense of purpose in your work. I recently read about NASA testing stations being built and immediately mothballed. Poor contractor thought he could tell his kids one day he helped put a man on Mars only to find out it'll never be used. anyway, you (hopefully) at least got paid, right?

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