By trippybmth - / Tuesday 23 December 2014 00:54 / United States
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Totally fair on the seller who may then be unable to sell it before Christmas. Not his fault that OP didn't think to check locally. I realise that is assuming anyone else would be dumb enough to spend $60 on it. Some business sellers put prices to ridiculous levels when out of stock, to prevent sales, so maybe OP will be in luck.


Haha. 60$ for a real wand or one made of gold. Silly muggle has no idea what the price is to pay for either of those. Maybe you would get a wand made of pine for that but not willow or one made with a Phoenix feather.

Well, just consider that extra $54 an "I didn't have to leave my house or even put pants on" fee. That's how I justify the exorbitant shipping on all my online purchases.


I think the exact same thing. That crazy "shipping" fee just means I didn't have to leave me house or change out of my pj's and you'd be surprised how much that's worth to me! :)

So present one of the wands and sell the other one back on eBay ? Or perhaps the seller accepts returns ? Or else just consider it the price of a lesson learned (do your research? ) Don't worry , stuff like that happens to all of us at one point or another ....

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