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Today, after being in a committed relationship for five years, I just found out that my girlfriend's parents have no idea that we are together. She says she "forgot" to tell them. FML

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OP here. First of all, thanks everyone for commenting and everything, a lot of your comments were very helpful! Some clarification, we have talked about it before, and yes, I have met her parents as well as a lot of her family. Also, she has met my parents and family, and they know that we are together. The reason she has not told them has nothing to do with religion or because she is embarrassed by me. When we first started dating, she asked her parents what they would think if we started dati
By joco4 - / Friday 15 January 2016 18:00 / United States - Mobile
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If she really loved him, she wouldn't have "forgotten" to tell her parents. Unless her parents are extremely strict about who she sees. That's just something OP will have to talk with her about.

Don't be with someone who deliberately refuses to tell her parents about her significant other! She may very well be embarrassed by you. You don't deserve that, OP

By  ki087

there is no way she has forgotten for 5 years OP. boyfriends/girlfriends come up randomly in conversations. she was trying to hide you from her parents.


I'd have to say it's different with parents... Some just don't get along well with their parents. It's like telling your enemies this is my weakness. If they can't tell their friends then it becomes unhealthy.


I have to agree with #15. Parents can be incredibly judgmental and controlling, and simply knowing you're seeing someone can cause them to criticize your choices even if they know next to nothing about the person you're dating. It could even be a conflict of religion.


I was thinking the same thing. I'd find it weird if I didn't meet my other's parents within 5 years of dating. I suppose she could have said that she doesn't want him to meet them because of something understandable like a bad past or something of the sort.

it's easy to let things snowball and get nervous as things go on. I'm not saying you should just forgive that, but have a serious conversation with her and don't get heated. figure things out, if you both love each other. don't give up on her if she's the one for you. it might not be that she is embarrassed by you, there are other reasons, even if they aren't good ones.

Do they happen to think she is in a relationship with someone else? If no then your good. But come on man you never tried to meet her parents in the 5 years of your committed relationship?


that is a good example of how there are many scenarios that could exist. it's a good question why he didn't try or try hard. everyone has a right to have their relationship the way they want it to be but after five years they both need to have a conversation about what they like and don't like about their relationship.

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