By HereKittyKitty - / Sunday 1 December 2013 20:27 / United States - Carlsbad
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  BradTheBrony  |  19

#38: I read that as: "This plan could backfire and end in the locking pet door shitting on OP's carpet."
And this has been another action-packed episode of "Proper Syntax is Important!"

By  golden_warrior  |  23

Get a pitbull to scare the crap out of that dog.

By  WellThatSucked89  |  13

Did the vet aware you of this? Or did you go around the neighborhood asking "hey! do you know why my cat is skinny?"

In all seriousness though, I am glad you found out and can get that fur baby back to health! Good luck, OP!

  Kitouran  |  30

'Did the vet aware you of this?' Was the mistake. You probably meant to say, 'Did the vet make you aware of this?' Or something to that extent.


Today, my roommate and I realised our freezer hasn't been working for days. This would be slightly less awful if she hadn't been storing dead rats for her pet snakes in there. Let's just say the smell is interesting. FML

By damselfly - / Tuesday 27 March 2012 00:28 / Canada - Montreal

Today, I faced my severe phobia of spiders in order to remove a rather large one from my home. After 20 minutes of desperate struggling, it was finally taken care of. Relieved, I sat down and glanced across the hallway just in time to see a second, equally large spider strutting across the wall. FML

By Lepisma / Wednesday 26 June 2013 07:19 / United States - College Station
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