By HereKittyKitty - / Sunday 1 December 2013 20:27 / United States - Carlsbad
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  BradTheBrony  |  19

#38: I read that as: "This plan could backfire and end in the locking pet door shitting on OP's carpet."
And this has been another action-packed episode of "Proper Syntax is Important!"

By  golden_warrior  |  23

Get a pitbull to scare the crap out of that dog.

By  WellThatSucked89  |  13

Did the vet aware you of this? Or did you go around the neighborhood asking "hey! do you know why my cat is skinny?"

In all seriousness though, I am glad you found out and can get that fur baby back to health! Good luck, OP!

  Kitouran  |  30

'Did the vet aware you of this?' Was the mistake. You probably meant to say, 'Did the vet make you aware of this?' Or something to that extent.


Today, my dog left his very loud and obnoxious squeaky stuffed-toy in the paddock and my horse got a hold of it. My horse won't stop and I can't get it away from him. It's been 6 hours and the noise hasn't stopped yet. It also shows no signs of doing so any time soon. FML

By AkaiKitsune - / Wednesday 14 June 2017 10:51 /
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