By Anonymous - / Sunday 13 May 2012 22:00 / Canada - Aldergrove
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  Goldenchest  |  14

and maybe ran over someone?

  chabooty27  |  7

She might've slightly destroyed a car but she's probably just stealing

  mars13_fml  |  8

Or maybe parked a stolen car in the wrong place?

By  Bagel09  |  11


  lopsop  |  12

Your pic made me thumb you up. I love south park.

  MrSassypants  |  31

So you tried to get first (or a top number)? Well that's worse than saying "Haha" alone.

  cayytee  |  0

maybe it was the moms money. its still crappy but if the parents put the money in the college fund the mom can take it out.

if not then..never give her your account info in the future!


Call her up and say, "Hello mother, i realize today is Mother's Day... look outside your house and within 5mins there will be a police car awaiting you, I love you, Happy Mother's day!"

  brownkity  |  3

When I was underage, I worked and got paid during the summer & saved up for college. I had been saving up for years and my mom told me to give her all the money (except the amount for the monthly bus pass) to put into a college fund, so I trusted that she knew best. When I was applying to colleges and needed access to the money she asked me, "what college fund?" She spent it all.
Ok, she paid for my food & clothes and I didn't have to pay rent, but I was peeved. It was not necessarily the Mother's money. She may have given OP life, but that money was for school. So I had to wait a while to start college and am working while in school. That $ would have been very useful. I don't hold it over her head. I consider that money lost, & it wasn't chump change either. When I came of age, i just opened an account in my name & manage my money without her.

  cayytee  |  0

very true! i had to pay for mine too well until i couldnt afford it anymore. I don't know their situation though and hope for the best and not a stealing mom. i mean who can you trust if your own parent steals from you? lol. sorry for rambling!

  yaya1213  |  6

Usually college funds are made from the parents while their kids are still... Well kids and they save up that money over time so that their kid has money for college (at least thats what my mom does and my friend's mom)

By  lynn0985  |  5

Your mother ain't shit!!

  efemel94  |  7

So she's not shit...? Therefore, you think highly of his/her mother; the complete opposite of what you intended with your comment?

Consider yourself bamboozled!

  Nutty4Muffs  |  3

It's more of an insult in the way of saying they're less than shit, 30. It's like the eventual shortening of the phrase "How do you like them apples?" from the prefix of it being the question "Do you like apples?". Basically it's the slang of slang. Am I right?

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Why not? It's still OP's mother. You're hearing about one thing she did that was not to OP's liking. What if she's been a spectacular and supportive mother his/her whole life? What if she saved up $50,000 for OP to use for school and suddenly found a need to borrow $3,500 of it back? What if she's lying about the parking ticket and really used the money as a down payment on a car for OP? More importantly, what about all the years OP has spent not being perfect?

We make snap judgements on this site all the time and I don't mind at all (entertainment) but to instantly condemn a mother as unworthy of her child's love for taking money she's legally allowed to take is going too far.


No, it's not going too far at all. The fund is there for a reason; the child's future. It's like taking 'your money' back from a charity.

Also, contrary to what a lot of people seem to believe, a mother is not an all-knowing perfect glowing goddess who can do no wrong. She's a human being who can be as selfish as any other human being, and occasionally seems to think that because she created life, she's entitled to do as she wants with her child. Like give them hopes, dreams, and the comfort of security in their future, in which those hopes and dreams can be possible. And take them away, in secret, and for something that is entirely her own fault.

You all say that OP should suck it up and earn the money themselves. I say the mother should stop stealing from her child's future and pay her fucking fines herself, like the responsible adult she should be.

By  Rascle_dj  |  0

You're stupid.

  brownkity  |  3

Doesn't have to be the parents' money. I worked when I was underage & saved my own money. Didn't stop my mom from draining my account. She didn't even tell me until I started applying to colleges and needed the money. I never trusted her with my money again. I know she took care of me for my whole life & fed and clothed me and whatnot, but college is hard enough as it is, and without that money, I had to work more hours than intended to pay for school. I had a plan worked out to deal with school and work, and because of that setback, I had to wait to apply to school until I had some money.

  42istheanswer  |  27

112- It is sad when parents do that to kids who have worked extremely hard so that they can pay for it themselves like you did. If this was the case for OP then I would understand why FMLers have not like my comments but OP never said who was saving the money.


112 - You certainly do not owe your mother for raising you. That became her obligation the second you were born. The fact that she took out hard-earned money like it was her own..I'm sorry. That's just plain awful.

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