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no it isn't. there are plenty of places out there that treat their employees with kindness and respect. OP, go find a new job where you can be appreciated. there ARE places like that out there!


the sheer volume of FML's and the existence of bad bosses, incompetent bosses, well meaning but stupid bosses, bad coworkers, corrupt people, and so on, makes it all suspect. its simply easier to believe that the worse is not only possible, but an inevitability, so that when its subverted, it carries more weight than it otherwise would. and if its bad, oh well, you expected it, and prepared for it. no biggie.

What? You get paid the wage and benefits you agreed on when you were offered the job, right? What's with all these entitled assholes thinking they are due something extra "just because"?

Personally I give out Dunkin gift cards, usually for 20, and also try to put my staff in for as many awards as possible (which usually have either vacation days or money attached) Having had crappy staff before- which makes my life very, very hard, I like to treat the good ones well. However, if you are not a great employee- taking tons of time off, calling out last minute, not completing projects- then it would prolly be store bought cookies too... Find a boss who will appreciate you.

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