By Seriously? / Sunday 9 March 2014 06:08 / United States - Mill Valley
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By  Black_Knight80  |  13

Wow, that girl has no manners. Sorry about your phone OP.

  mbusey  |  20

That's my question though - why did it even matter to OP that it was a teenage girl? How does the age or gender of the person who bumped into him make a difference in the fact that he dropped his phone?


at first I was like, oh it's okay just a broken screen and then I read the rest and I was like oh man, yeah, that's more than a broken screen

  Liyuesigs  |  8

If you are going to be bumped into, teenage girl is better than anything else IMO.


Did she even offer to pay for it? I think it would be the correct thing to do

  tranced_  |  41

I don't get it.. pls explain

By  caohm  |  18

FMLLLLLLLLLLLLL is probably what your phone would say going over that bridge.

  fader48080  |  10

Well it was California so I can say from years of personal experience she probably told him to watch where he is walking and called him no shortage of profanities while walking away. God I don't miss that place for a second.

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