By burnbabyburn / Wednesday 11 November 2015 17:47 / United Kingdom
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  hasooon  |  24

On purpose obviously


Someone once switched labels in the chemistry lab in my highschool. When the teacher went to do an experiment, it wasn't what he thought. He started screaming for us to run out and in like 30 seconds it exploded. He tried to shield the students with his body so he ended up in ICU for awhile. He's been back for a few years now but it was the craziest thing.

  reaj2019  |  3

One day before school one of our janitors almost cut his hand off cutting a plastic bucket, we would have, but luckily we had a SawStop on the table saw. But honestly he shouldn't have been cutting a plastic bucket on the saw with no knowledge or permission to do so. But since then he's stayed the hell away from the lab.


Today, I was grading work my students had done with a sub. I realized one student had gotten hold of the teachers' edition of the textbook when I read ten papers in a row that had "Student answers may vary" as the answer to problem number four. My students can't even cheat properly. FML

By chinaski7628 / Saturday 15 February 2014 07:11 / United States - Glendale
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