By Anonymous - / Wednesday 17 December 2014 02:11 / United States - Gainesville
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By  that1guyyy  |  12

Must be highly religious.


Actually, some cultures actually tend to be more conservative in nature than other cultures

  patrickalamo  |  47

Or have high moral values
Or just high

  GriffonTheCat  |  10

Who ever said the parent was religious?

  Just_A_Tree  |  20

As a religious person, we're not all like this.

My favorite is that there is actually a website trying to ban certain books within the school system. Parents can read the book then grade it on how acceptable it is and give commentary on it. I don't remember specific examples, but they clearly can't comprehend text. They described a book about a young girls horrible experiences and tough life as whimsical, and silly. It was written from the child's point of view, so the terrible things weren't blatantly stated, and they thought a story containing rape was whimsical...

By  leoe005  |  6

Is this student now in a lower class?

  spoo  |  23

Dr Sues!


My English Lit teacher sometimes can't figure out how to spell words, has no effect on teaching literature. By high school English teachers aren't teaching spelling anymore.

  MzZombicidal  |  36

If his mother backs the hell off and gives him a chance at an honest education then I don't see why not. :P Who knows, he may not have any issues with the curriculum and all the crazy is from his mom entirely.

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