By nerp / Tuesday 29 March 2016 19:44 / Canada - Toronto
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By  hardcorefan16  |  21

That should be a sign to hit the gym.

By  Exaspera  |  53

The response to pregnant women smoking is to punch them out?! Nice guy!

  sarianna  |  8

While I'm not trying to imply this is the case for the OP.... it's the 21st century, and pregnant (trans) men, while extremely rare for a variety of reasons, do exist. (And being pregnant doesn't make them look not like guys. They have to stop taking testosterone for the duration, but it doesn't make their facial hair, deep voices, or (if they've had it) chest reconstruction surgery go away, any more than an orchiectomy would for a cis guy.)

  Algorithm  |  24

Haha, this comment is so unintentionally inclusive of trans guys. I love it. Very true, though...OP should look into quitting. You shouldn't smoke while non-pregnant either (even if you're a guy).


Makes me kind of sad that the comment about trans men is getting thumbs down. Yes, trans dudes can get pregnant and this comment was unintentionally inclusive to trans guys as well. That person was just making a statement.

  A_Don_101  |  14

I agree too that I don't know why #17 is being down voted. Valid comment. Who says my comment wasn't intentional? There is maybe a reason why I made that comment. Assumption is the mother of all f-ups.

  sarianna  |  8

Yeah, I have no idea why all the downvotes. I know at least one trans guy who bore a child post-transition (and had a hell of a time with healthcare/hospital trying to deny coverage/treatment, because of gender marker on paperwork). And one friend is a trans man who would like to have a kid but is fearful of the stigma against pregnant dudes, especially as it could easily turn into physical violence against him/baby.


Today, I bleached my upper lip hair so it wouldn't be visible anymore. At school, for the first time, the guy I like came over to talk to me after class. Just as I thought he was about to ask me out, he told me how weird my "gold moustache" looks. FML

By HolyyMolyy - / Tuesday 19 July 2016 14:32 / India - Indore

Today, one of the girls who has made it her job to ruin my life cornered me in the hallway at school. She tried to insult me, and for the first time in my life I had a scathing comeback. My elation quickly ended when she violently shoved my face into the water fountain. FML

By ShadowReiku - / Thursday 13 December 2012 08:39 / United States - Odenton
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