By Anonymous / Wednesday 13 August 2014 14:18 / United Kingdom - Paignton
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  brivielle  |  15

If i was a third party there i'd have laughed my ass off! sorry OP

  LexiDaBae  |  17

Like, how old is he, ten? Who goes on treadmills because they "look like fun"? And I don't see is point of insulting OP. Like seriously. I would have cracked.

By  Spyingcheeseman  |  8

TAKE THE HINT. No I'm just kidding that guy is just an ass, don't listen to him. you exercise if YOU feel like you need to. not if other people somehow feel like you need to.

By  olpally  |  32

I'd tell him to fuck off. Forget being nice to the customer at that point. Asshole.

By  dabears1011234  |  27

Now you know what you can do on your off days.

By  sayyestothedress  |  24

I guess it runs in the family

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