By lgt5628 / Friday 26 September 2014 23:58 / United States - Miami
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By  FaultInMyStars  |  11

So.. you lost 10 dollars?


Today, I found out that my college textbooks, which I spent nearly $200 dollars on for the two of them, did not come with the codes they were advertised with. The codes are needed for online classwork that is required to pass the course. Each new code is $90 a piece. FML

By NintyStar - / Tuesday 30 August 2016 20:15 / United States - Minneapolis

Today, while shopping for Black Friday, I got in line, hoping to get an Xbox One. I spent so long mistakenly standing in line for the bathroom that the store had sold out by the time I realized my mistake. FML

By nitemastr15 - / Saturday 28 November 2015 00:18 / United States - Fort Worth
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