By Waffle / Wednesday 9 March 2011 15:47 /
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should have said "too bad" that would be so funny

  TheJester12  |  15

only the voice of Morgan freeman can console a child who has Lost his grandmother . shoulda started playing clips from Bruce almighty and march of the penguins over the phone. problem solved

By  ulicksam  |  0

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  hatesboners  |  0

he did the kid a favor by coming here and sharing. now we all get a good laugh.

By  jhloa2  |  3

you should have told him that you killed him

By  NCR  |  0

just say it your causing him more pain


Kid: Grandmaa dieedddd! :'(
OP: Uh... well ... that's sad.
Kid: She was so young! I remember a time when.. blah blah blah blah .. ( 30 mins later)
OP: Sorry kid, wrong number.
Kid:...... You mean I just wasted thirty fucking minutes on you?
OP: I guess so ...
Kid: Oh you bastard... You don fucked up now..

  MusicXisXii  |  0

pity is a dirty, useless emotion.

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