By Tuture - / Saturday 30 April 2016 01:08 / France - Paris
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By  wyleanda  |  18

I would say karma but she or he shouldn't practice in a parking lot with cars in it. I see that it's in France but if it was in America she or he could lose their learners permit because of it.

By  wyleanda  |  18

I would say karma but she or he shouldn't practice in a parking lot with cars in it. I see that it's in France but if it was in America she or he could lose their learners permit because of it.

  Rismint  |  6

I don't know how they do it in France, but in the Netherlands you can only learn to drive with a certified instructor. No learners permits, like in the USA.

  lexos  |  16

#7 in the Netherlands the drive with modified cars where the instructor also has al the pedals available to take action when the students mess it up. But in some countries you are allowed to take driving lessons with a regular car (not sure how it is in France)

  SpyroMello  |  27

#6 Unless they're practicing in a large city like Paris, I would think that each town has at least an empty part of town they could practice at. I'm in America and when I was learning, the town I live in has several places I practiced. My neighborhood is brand new so the roads are empty, the biggest high school here has a large parking lot that's empty after school hours, the local Target has a massive parking lot that's normally never full so I practiced in the back. I'd think a business parking lot (while the business is open) would be a horrible choice to practice unless they're in a large city and that parking lot is one of the emptier ones.

  suprisebitch  |  20

In the UK you have to take lessons with a certified driving instructor with their car that has the dual controls (the passenger side has the break and clutch) but you can also drive with any adult that has a drivers licence over 21 or 25 as long as you're insured on the car and have a provisional licence (learners). I used to drive with my mum and brother as well as my instructor when I was learning, it actually helps because you're more relaxed and comfortable with driving when it's someone you know. But when I was learning how to park in a car park there were cars around but like 5 spaces away from me so there was no way I could crash into another car. I doubt the instructor would practice so dangerously close to other cars unless the learner is that bad.


#12 is exactly right about how it works in the UK, I believe it's the same in most of Europe. And what Americans have to remember is that other countries are a lot smaller than America and do not have as big car parks. Most of them are not just in use but busy, or even full, during the day because that's when people go to work or shopping. In a dual control the instructor could have taken over in that instance, but chances are the poor learned was distracted by the people laughing at them and that's why they fucked up. So, yeah. Karma.

By  Rismint  |  6

Karma at work I guess. As a learning driver it's my worst fear being laughed at by people when I make mistakes.. I'm sorry your car got wrecked though, I hope you can work it out with your insurance.

By  redlizzybeth  |  19

I don't see this as Karma. I would definitely file a complaint that they are practicing in the lot with actual cars in it. I hope that their is insurance to cover the issue.

By  Ayasha_fml  |  12

Karma for laughing. You were once new, too. Ah, sweet justice is served once again rude mean people. :) For the driver, they should go to an empty parking lot with cones and only try with cars if they are very confident. In driver's ed, that's what we did. Then of course passing a driving test at school and outside of it at the DMV. I feel the extra practice boosts confidence and knoweledge.


Today, my alarm clock, which was set to play a certain radio station didn't go off. Turns out, yesterday was their 10th anniversary and also the end of their station. I didn't wake up to the white noise until 9. The interview I had spent 3 months preparing for was at 7. FML

By pohoon - / Wednesday 9 March 2016 19:40 / United States
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