By rattlingfloorboards - / Thursday 15 December 2011 05:09 / United States
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  Castiell_fml  |  0

Atleast you know you'd be pretty safe because so many people would know karate in your apartment

By  Kolle  |  0

Go down there and show them some real NINJA SKILLS! Like a baws!

  Leftoverjello  |  6

Jun Fan (Bruce Lee) was ethnically mixed Chinese and German born in the US and raised in Hong Kong. He practiced Wing Chun as a young man and used it as the foundation for Jeet Kune Do.

By  Twigz666  |  17

Apart from the noise, wouldn't that be pretty awesome? You now have your own security system without paying for it. I doubt many people would try breaking into your house.


Today, I got my hands on some meet and greet passes for a concert. My fiancé and I got our picture taken with the band. A few moments later, in my excitement, instead of texting the picture to my friend, I accidentally deleted it. FML

By vixiecat / Wednesday 15 February 2012 19:33 / United States
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