By Bob - / Wednesday 13 December 2017 05:00 / United States - Fairbanks
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By  interesting33  |  35

from what you've written that is disgusting and surely illegal?. can you kick up a storm with a politician a d a charity? she should definitely not be having custody of any children by the sound of what you've written

  PhantomCrevan  |  8

Would the judge really have any reason to bring up his flawed belief that woman can't be abusers if it was framed as being in self defense? It sounds like there's a history of the wife instigating violence, with the wording.

  ReineRien  |  5

They can be abusers, doesn't mean that ALL wives are abusers. Just like men can be playing the victim card when they're in the wrong themselves. There isn't the full story. It does sound like self-defense no matter how you bend it. Obviously the OP will think he didn't do anything wrong if he has anger issues and is an abuser himself. Who admits to that?

By  iamnuff  |  9

Why this comment section is full of people blaming the victim? What the fuck people?
Dude got SHOT and you're saying that he might have had it coming?

  Mynxie  |  26

Because to them, women can never be the abuser, only the victim. That's what you messed up society has done to us. Never believe a man who claims abuse that was done by a woman, but believe every word of a woman. It is disgusting.

  Mungolikecandy  |  14

Maybe there is more to the story. I personally believe that men can be the victims, but there has to be evidence to the contrary in this instance for the circumstances which played out. If the only evidence presented has she shot him or verbal evidence, then there would not be the result in (presumably) divorce court.

  T1A2Z3  |  24

I think these people have a little faith in the justice system. Unless his wife lied her ass off convincingly it is highly likely that the OP did something to instigate the shooting and that is why he has lost his kids and is in anger management. It doesn't seem likely that someone could say she shot me and have their kids given to the aforementioned shooter...

By  RichardPencil  |  25

On the plus side, you do have a lot to be angry about, so you’ll have no trouble applying what you learn in those classes!

Nothing pisses me off more than having to take a goddamn class where I can’t use any of the fucking subject matter in my crappy life! Hmm, maybe I’ll see you in class.

By  mt21mt  |  15

Well, in the eyes of a divorce judge - "omg a woman! a woman can never do anything wrong! give her the kids! the house! half your future paycheque!"

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