By catastrophy / Saturday 19 November 2016 09:20 /
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By  zainman13  |  26

I just want to fill in the position for the second response and get thumbs ups. I did it for the likes. Sorry OP. FYL indeed. Dudes and his pussy.. FHL

  The_Bleeder  |  13

Despite the fact that you were honest, saying "I did it for the thumbs up" or "I wanted to fill the second position" will guarantee you downvotes, try harder next time. You actually might say something funny for the first time in your life.

By  TheMisfitScribe  |  17

While this is kind of hilarious, I'd say the fact that this isn't the first time it's happened is a bit disturbing. haha If someone kept calling me while they were drunk and asking me to do something weird like that on a regular basis, I'd probably stop talking to them until they addressed their drunken behavior.

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