By Iwtumn - / Thursday 30 April 2015 18:15 / Austria - Deutschlandsberg
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  CODplayer4lyfe  |  24

And God said: "let there be cunts"
And so there were cunts, and they were good.

By  santosb1  |  11

Thou shall face the wrath of thee! I'm sorry OP :(

  aleyp63  |  13

because it's a useless comment maybe?

  elsie23  |  11

If you Jesus go to church

By  disturbedchyk  |  11

send him a picture of a Satan and tell him you worship the devil maybe you'll scare him off...sucks to be you OP but maybe now you'll learn not to just give your number out to anyone

By  StickyPickles  |  33

Perhaps he just wants to save your soul. . . Can't hate on a guy for that

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