By Anonymous / Thursday 6 October 2011 04:23 / United States
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At least she told you! Can you imagine if she didn't and other people were trying them on later! :O---() (that's my face barfing and making a puddle of barf on the ground) no?...well I tried


That's so rude of the customer to know they have a toe fungus, not treat it and continue to place their toe in places where people could contract it. Get some fungicide on those hands, OP!


you could try making some better puns, but it may be FOOT-ile. ah, SOCK it to me, you might be a SHOE-in. if you really NAIL it maybe one day you'll make it big time and be the SOLE foot-related punner.

WTF ma'am!? Why didn't she dispose of her own infected garment herself? Stupid, lazy, and inconsiderate she was. Wash, sanitize, disinfect your hand OP; hope nothing happens to you.

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