By Anonymous / Tuesday 26 June 2012 03:26 / United States - Metamora
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  beccaishereyay  |  11

Is that supposed to be sarcastic?
I'm just saying that since the cop could get out of his car walk around and see what's going on, he probably should've told the guy to find a different spot and that he'll follow him. Is that a completely irrational thought?


What i would have done is go into that park lot, get out of the car fast, walk over to the police car and say i'm sorry speeding or whatever i did wrong and say you were in a rush to the funeral because your family
member died, cop would probally let you off if he had a heart.

By  retyi43  |  14

you could've pulled into somewhere you felt more comfortable at.

  retyi43  |  14

I realized that. I just feel like someone would notice a funeral procession with everyone gathered around and dressed up nicely. but that's just me. cops make some people very nervous


#23 wouldn't that result in a high speed chase? I mean, when a cop is following you with their sirens on, you pull over right away. Not where ever or whenever you feel like it. Just sayinn.

By  golferman72  |  16

Even when we try and do right we do wrong! The law is against us!

  retyi43  |  14

that's not true. I believe you have the right to stop somewhere you feel comfortable. obviously you wouldn't stop in the middle of the street or pull over into the ditch


You do have the right. A parking lot would seem like a comfortable place, in my opinion. I don't have my license, but if I ever got pulled over (heavens forbid), I would go somewhere like a parking lot. It isn't like the cop told OP to stop RIGHT there or die. It was OP's decision.

  metalwolf  |  17

9- There are plenty of people that believe you need to pull over the exact second the lights go on. There has been more then one case where I have seen someone block traffic because they stopped right in the middle of the road instead of driving another 100 feet into a parking lot. Every time I have gotten pulled over, I always drove until the first chance I could pull off the road or into a parking lot. I have never been sited for running from an officer.

  Enslaved  |  36

I believe you do have a right to pull over to a spot that you feel more comfortable. However, I did that once and had the cop follow me just an extra block. He was so annoyed that it took me a while to pull over and asked me-- why I was running? I wasn't sited for running from an officer but it did seem to get him in a bad mood. Cops in a bad mood give out extra tickets. ):

  dbt88  |  15

It's not so much as where you feel comfortable but more where it's safe. Example: Don't pull over at the top of a hill. As long as you don't just keep going and going, they shouldn't cite you for a chase.

By  Ibberkongen  |  4

Ydi for getting a ticket in the first place. On top of that you ruined someones funeral, Gj.

FYL, OP. But I almost want to say YDI for needing to be pulled over. But, hey, it could have been something like a broken tail light, I don't know. No one is perfect. And at least you pulled over and didn't lead the cop into a high speed chase.

By  BeccaHugs  |  17

Maybe you should drive more safely / keep your car maintained, then the cop wouldn't have had reason to pull you over and you would have never pulled into the parking lot. Sorry, you deserved it.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Walk around your vehicle befote driving it, wear your seatbelt and obey traffic laws. Three simple things and you won't get pulled over. When did this become so hard to understand that people started thinking tickets were random and not their fault?

  Bonzer  |  2

53- Who walks around their car before driving it? I know you can't drive with broken lights but is there really a need to walk around it every time? I agree with the other two. But even the best drivers make mistakes while driving. FYL OP.

  kateskatekate  |  4

Really? There are so many different reasons why someone can get pulled over. He might not have signaled the way the cop wanted. Don't be so ignorant, like you're a perfect driver. Get out.

  MistaKrista  |  8

The first time I was ever pulled over, it was because my car happened to match the description of a car that had just left the scene of a robbery. I was hit with every ticket possible while the cop waited for the proof that I didn't do it. Did I deserve that? I guess where I'm going with this is you can't always plan ahead. Shit happens.

  yahoowizard  |  16

And you sat there and prayed, too. Might not have been for the deceased, but if the prayer didn't get you out of the ticket, then it's helping that anonymous dead person, so you did good

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