By funnyguyNOT - / Sunday 5 April 2009 21:39 / United States
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  cellerbeck  |  4

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  Allstarr23  |  1

You're a fucking retard. You make the world more dangerous for people with disabilities/injuries. Next time that driver might not stop. I'm 28and have severe arthritis, fibromyalgia,and nerve damage. When I can walk its with a severe limp and ur pretending to have one? Live 1 day in my shoes


I feel so sorry for you.. I can barely see without glasses, and people wear them (with no frames) to look "smart" and be "fashionable" I hate it. It isn't nice not being able to see :c

By  worb  |  0

you're an idiot.
hurr durr let's hold up traffic!

  Len_Kagamine  |  8

you're an idiot.
hurr durr let's copy other comments!

By  JFox  |  8

You totally deserved it, but it's okay. It's still funny. My friend always wanted to limp across a busy street and take up two red lights, then dance when he got to the sidewalk. xP

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