FML - The follow-up

Today, a boy kissed me for the first time. He then blocked me on Facebook. FML

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Hello everyone, So to clear some things up: 1. I am a Freshman in college (18 years old). 2. I only added him on Facebook the night we kissed and he DID accept. 3. He was the first one to message me actually. He asked me to food that same night, but I was already in bed. Then he asked me to lunch the next day but I had already eaten, so I invited him to dinner with me and my friends instead but he declined. 4. Then (this is the first time I messaged him first) I took the initiative and asked
By RandomJam124 - / Wednesday 4 May 2016 21:33 / United States - Binghamton
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The way I see it, he probably felt a little blown off the first two times he tried to meet up with you and then probably turned off at the idea of being with you, AND your friends when he was probably looking for a little alone time with you versus in a group. I could be wrong though, but either way, he could have just been honest about whatever he was thinking or feeling versus just blocking you out of the blue.


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I agree, #1. The first time I kissed a girl, she didn't have a Facebook account. It was pretty awkward setting one up with her so I could block it. Now I ask every prospective romantic partner if they have a Facebook account first. They usually say, "Of course! How else would you block me?" or "Of course! How else would we block each other?" This is just how gender works. There's nothing we can do about it.


They just kissed, it doesn't mean it has to go any farther and into a relationship. Also, what do you mean "he doesn't want that in his social media?" Like she's just going to post a pic of them kissing, or publicly post about the kiss?


@24 I've never heard the phrase "kickimg the kerb". As I understand it, "kissing the kerb" means getting beat up; the expression being a description of getting hit, knocked over and hitting your face on the kerb - very painful.

I hate to say this, but he likely was never really into you and just kissed you for some random reason. Then he regretted it and either wanted to make it clear he didn't care for you at all or perhaps wanted to prevent his friends from finding out, so he blocked you. Sucks for you :( Even if he didn't want you to think the kiss meant anything special, he didn't have to be such a dick about it.


The kiss was not romantic, just nice. It did not mean he liked me or I liked him. We both knew that at the time. And I don't know any of his friends nor did I plan on telling them about it. I also don't think that he regretted it, because he did try to hang out with me afterwards.

I'd like to know when he blocked you relative to kissing you. Was it a few hours later, or did he take out his phone before kissing you, launch Facebook, go to your profile, place his finger just above the block option, kiss you, and press down immediately after?

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