By hulagirl1217 - / Saturday 29 May 2010 12:11 / United States
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Nerds you know you're hot so don't worry about one stupid idiot. Look one guy above had to say it 3 times in a row:)


lol I don't understand Cincin when he says you looks like a magic but sure it's a co pliment :P anyway you are cute, but look kinda young in the pic

lmao agreed get friends with better reflexes. if u put bleach on it it won't hurt anymore! I promise that's what I used to do.

Haha when you see bees you're not supposed to flip out, especially if they've landed on you. Remain calm or else you'll just piss them off and get stung!


well I seen a bee land on my arm once and I just stared at it I didn't flip out at all and the bee still stung me


I was talking about her friend. My first reaction wouldn't be to scream, kick my friend's leg, and run away =P

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