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So, last week we were all Norwegian and stuff and it felt pretty good, according to Doortje and Edvard Munch. Oh yes Edvard just loves FML. Come on, where do you think he got the inspiration for "The Scream" from? That's such an FML face.Anyway, toda...
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So, last week we were all Norwegian and stuff and it felt pretty good, according to Doortje and Edvard Munch. Oh yes Edvard just loves FML. Come on, where do you think he got the inspiration for "The Scream" from? That's such an FML face.
Anyway, today we're going Dutch.

-Who are you ?
-My full name is Oskar van Velden

-Where are you from?
-I'm from Dordrecht, a town nearby Rotterdam in the Netherlands

-How old are you?
-I passed the 30 benchmark last November ;)

-Wasn't it too hard?
-Nah... when you are young, you think 30 is so old... but it's true what they say... 'you are as old as you feel'. And i still feel like I'm mid-20 ... so that's the best age.

-At least, you are honest enough! Now what's your story?
-That's a bit longer than the answer above... but OK...
-(Of course, you have 30years to tell us about)
- Hm hm! Let's start. When I was just a little boy, I wanted to become a comic artist. I drew daily, but when I got older, I came in touch with computers and at some point I found more pleasure in playing games and programming on the computer... instead of drawing comics. Eventually it became my work and I started to miss the drawing and comic creating part of my life. So a couple of years ago I decided I wanted to try to follow that childhood dream I had... in becoming a comic artist for a living. I just had to start my own webcomic to push myself further. And so at the beginning of 2010 I started my own webcomic, Mojo. And ever since I've been drawing and creating comics every week. And still loving it. My biggest inspiration is Bill Watterson with Calvin & Hobbes. Really, that guy is amazing and I'd give my left leg to be as good as he is/was. His writing was amazing, the world he created is stunning and his drawings were so simple, but so clear. (The End)


-(Credits roll) What's your job now?
-I'm still working in the computers business I work as a Flash Developer at an interactive online advertisement company. To make things easier, I work as a programmer, I create Flash websites.
-Oh! So you're the guy who creates awful websites full of music and animations that sometimes take hours to load?
-Hhm, oooh! If I do my job right you can skip the music enjoy the animations and the loading is all done in the background, while you enjoy the rest.I know how people feel about Flash websites, but they are way better than 10 years ago... !

-Great, we can continue this interview.
-What are your projects?
-Currently I'm completely focused on maintaining the webcomic. I'm also in the progress of updating the website, adding some more pages, I'm working on a how-it's-made page, where I show how I create the webcomic. The thing is that my webcomic isn't generating any money (yet). And another project is my newborn son, Tobias. He's now 2 months old and a lot of my spare time is going to him.


-Does he read FML?
-I read the stories to him every night before going to bed... the problem is that he's too young for most of the stories so I filter out the ones which are rated R.... which are almost all the stories...
-You're the greatest dad ever, now record him while he's dancing in front of a Beyonce's movie-clip or laughing because you're tearing papers up or even after the he visited the dentist, post it on youtube, end up with millions of views and he'll become the greatest son ever.
-I don't think I want to force him into such stardom. let him discover the world step by step by himself.
-(That's not what they did http://www.davidafterdentist.com/ ...)

-What makes you laugh?
-The best laughs I've had were about funny absurd moments... or word jokes. Sometimes they were so silly or you had to be there to understand. That really makes me laugh, being creative with words. Or jokes which are totally absurd. For instance my fellow comic creator and FML illustrator, Dan Long. He sometimes has such an absurd kind of humor, really makes me chuckle.
-~♥Dan Long♥~ ! (Yes, forget about the Biebs, Dan's lock is in the place). And now last question! Why did you choose this FML?
-I really enjoyed how the boyfriend was all naive and thought his girlfriend had cheated on him as well. I could just imagine how he felt... and how she felt after that. It just made me laugh instantly... like a lot of FMLs. And of course I love maths!
-Of course, you're a programmer. A flash programmer. *shiver*




Well that was fun, for real this time! Thank you very much for both the interview and the comic Oskar, may the force be with you.


Oskar's website: http://www.mojocomic.com/


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