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I really wanna do this introduction SOPA/PIPA style.There. It's weird having the internet censored, right? Plus it's really a shame, I wrote some pretty cool jokes. Anyway, let's get on with the interview folks:     -Marcel Guldemond (what a s...
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I really wanna do this introduction SOPA/PIPA style.

There. It's weird having the internet censored, right? Plus it's really a shame, I wrote some pretty cool jokes. Anyway, let's get on with the interview folks:



-Marcel Guldemond (what a strange name) welcome to FML! Due to the awesome illustration you made, I really want to make this sound as if I was a member of the social services. So that's what I'm going to do. What's your age?
-Oh dear, sounds like I've gotten myself into trouble.

-You think you could draw a comic for FML without suffering the consequences? Cute. How old are you?
-I'm not sure I want to divulge my age, so let's just say I'm on the downhill side of 35! Or another way to put it is I went to high school in the 80s.

-Oh, you want to play the mysterious guy, okay I'll unravel your secrets, where do you live?
-I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

-As you may know, 80% of our readers are American, give us 3 reasons that proves Canada is a real country.
-Ha! Awesome question! Let me see...
1) Our money is all different colours
2) Our old people successfully invaded Florida
3) We have poutine and hockey! FYI, poutine is a food that originated in Quebec: french fries with cheese curds piled on top and then covered in gravy.

-Wrong, the right answer was "we invented Trivial Pursuit, burned!" Let's get to the next question. What's your relationship status?
-I'm married with one daughter and another on the way.



-Does she drink Redbull too?
-Dear god no! She's 2 and is 110% all the time, so she doesn't need any extra stimulus!

-"110% of the time", I see . Does she take drugs ?
-Nope, it's all natural

-... So do you take drugs?
-Uh, no, of course not... 

-Then why did you choose this FML story?
-Good question. There were a lot of good stories to choose from, but this one seemed to have good humourous potential, and I felt I could relate to it more because of my advanced age and being a father. A lot of the stories feel like they're written by teenagers, and I can't even remember being a teenager, and all that embarrassing stuff I did back then probably wasn't even me, and I'm sure I have an alibi.

-Speaking of teenagers, let's talk about your situation: "Artist", is that your only job?
-No, I do have a 'day job', which is working on computer programming/software development. It pays most of my bills and it's only 3 days a week, so I have time to develop my skills as an artist.

-I'm pleased you have a real job (if some lazy readers have only started reading from this point, I want to specify that I'm playing a member of social services here. Role-playing, I know, hot.) Tell me more "abot" (yeah, I had to do this) this passion of yours?
-Which passion? The one for setting things on fire? Oh wait, not that one. I mean, that's not one I have. At all. ... Ohhh, you mean for art. Well, I seem to have had that one since I can remember. I've always been drawing and making comics, telling stories with art. When I decided to go to school for computer science, I did that because I figured it would be a good way to pay the bills while still affording some time to do art.



-You're more of an artist than a comic artist is that correct?
-Yes, I made a transition from indie comic artist to gallery painter a few years ago

-Why is that?
-That's a good question. I really love comics, but the comics I was making were more philosophical and not very accessible, which made the market for them even smaller than the normal comics market. And then one year I made some paintings as Christmas gifts for my friends, and decided that I missed working with paint. Things kind of shifted from there, as I did some shows and realized that there was a market for my paintings.

-What are your next projects?
-I'm currently working on new paintings to send to some galleries. I haven't really planned any shows because we have another baby due soon, so that will keep me occupied for a little while. As well, I'm working on doing a short comic story with a friend of mine who's a professional theatre director and playwright, but that's still early stages, so we have no idea what's going to come out of that collaboration. I want to do a series of paintings with robots as the main characters too.

-Well, thank you Marcel, that was fun to do!









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By  fightingkittens  |  39

Reminds me of the lecture my mom gave me when I was that age. It was about how I should never, ever drink RedBull, because of all the horrible things it could do to you. I'll add another one to the list now--funny shit.

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