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Hello folks, how are you today? Not too sad that 24, Lost and the Cyanide & Happiness month all ended? Well, everything has an end my dear friend. as much as everything has a start! And let's start today's article shall we? Mike Jacobsen, our very un...
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Hello folks, how are you today? Not too sad that 24, Lost and the Cyanide & Happiness month all ended? Well, everything has an end my dear friend. as much as everything has a start! And let's start today's article shall we? Mike Jacobsen, our very unique Australian artist of the week, was on one of our top 5 favourite webcomics for over a year before we dared to contact him. And then we were lucky enough to interview him on Skype. And here we are:


Mike Jacobsen: Am I waiting for a question?
FML: Yes you are, but we lost the file with all the questions we're supposed to ask you.
Mike Jacobsen: I'll busy myself formulating incredibly amusing and totally fabricated answers...
FML: Okay, let's start it anyway. So Mike, how old are you?
Mike Jacobsen: 35. I think I'm probably the oldest person you've interviewed! But I think the child in me is still well and truly alive. Which of course is a mature way of saying I'm immature.

FML: Yes, you might be the oldest artists we've had, but don't worry, we don't publish mature artists. Where do you live?
Mike Jacobsen: In Canberra, which most people probably won't know is the capital of Australia. It's like a large, boring country town, which sucks the life out of everyone who lives here.
FML: What's your job in Canberra then?
Mike Jacobsen: Graphic designer/art director at an advertising agency. It's a pretty cool place - we have ping-pong - but the work is pretty soulless, so I rely on what I do out of work hours to keep me happy. I think I'm really lucky to have something that I actually love doing in my free time - it's just a pity I can't do it all day! PS - I'm putting ping-pong champion on my next resumé.

FML: So, now tell us about your story. "Once upon a time ..."
Mike Jacobsen: Ok. Once upon a time, there was an extremely handsome young boy named Mike who loved drawing. He studied graphic design in an attempt to channel his passion for drawing into something commercially viable, but found himself designing things like annual reports for the government, and brochures about caring for chronically ill people. So he started drawing cartoons and putting them on the web, and all of a sudden he realised there was a whole world out there of like-minded people who liked his stuff! And he realised that was what he should be doing full time... so he's working on it. (I got carried away)



FML: (that's better this way) What about your next projects?
Mike Jacobsen: Well there's always my websites seemikedraw and theurf.com, which I do with a friend of mine, but they've taken a back seat lately. I've been working on quite a large project with a couple of friends for about a year and a half now. It's an animated show, but I can't really say much else about it. I hate saying that - it's what people say when they have a project that's going nowhere but they want it to sound like it's something 'big'. Anyway, maybe it'll go somewhere, maybe it won't - the main thing is that it gives us something to hope for...until our hopes are brutally crushed and we move on to the next project. Oh, and doing this cartoon for FML inspired me to do one for seemikedraw - the first in AGES! So thanks :)

FML: You're 100% welcome. Can you tell us more about your blog, like why did you create it, etc.
Mike Jacobsen: I'm constantly scribbling cartoons so I figured I'd put a few up on a blog and see what happened. It got a pretty good response which encouraged me to keep it regular, and I got a few good jobs out of it too. I've also offended a lot of people. One day I topped reddit which was a thrill for me. But as always things get in the way and it's slowed down a lot. But I'll keep it going when I can.



FML: What inspires you? (artists, books, movies  ...)
Mike Jacobsen: I love it when someone sees the world in a way that hasn't occurred to me. Preferably if they see it in a skewed way. I've been watching a lot of old Futurama lately as inspiration for my show - it's just so cleverly written and I'm constantly thinking "how the hell did they come up with that?» Art, books, movies, anything that makes me aspire to something more than what I'm currently doing.

FML: What makes you laugh the most?
Mike Jacobsen: Animals. I think one of the C&H guys said the same. It's the fact that they're so oblivious to the reasons we think they're funny. Animals in clothing always gets me. I think it started back when I first saw a classic old movie called Top Secret, where they put a cow in gumboots. Oh, and midgets. Midgets are funny.

FML: And last question but not the least, why did you choose this FML story ?
Mike Jacobsen: It was short and brutal - all the makings of a good FML story! I originally wanted the dog to be pregnant, but I usually tend to go a bit too far so I toned it down and just made it a case of the girl being a bit dim-witted. Besides, some smarty-pants would've pointed out the fact that a human can't actually impregnate a dog.


Reality sucks. Anyway, that's it, thank you Mike for both the illustration and the interview!


See Mike Draw at http://seemikedraw.wordpress.com/

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to [email protected] including a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with Alice <3 , who will tell you what you have to do!



Here's the proof Mike likes strange combinations.

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